So apparently, my mom just left two kids and a dog at a gas station somewhere between Kansas and Colorado. And didn’t notice for close to 20 minutes. Now, I know what you’re thinking. How does someone NOT notice two kids and a dog are missing??

But there were a few factors that come into play. 1. She was on the phone to me (and totally freaked out when she realized they weren’t there)! 2. They never told her they were getting out of the car. 3. Alyssa, who apparently noticed that the kids were on the other side of the gas station, never said a word. Normally, if someone is running behind and hasn’t gotten in the car, she’ll say “Don’t forget —!” or something like that.

Not this time.

I can’t help but wonder what on earth she was thinking?

“Yes! I finally get rid of those annoying kids.”

“I guess Mom must be really sick of them too!”

“Wait. Why are we turning around?”

“Oh, I guess we’re going back! Wasn’t that a great joke???”

I guess we’ll never know what goes through her mind. 😀