The other day, I talked to Alyssa on the phone.  She was so excited about my birthday! Note: my birthday was in August.  However, that did not deter her excitement in the least.

A: “Is your birthday October 5th?”

B: “No, it’s August –.”

A: “Hm.  No.  I think you’re October 5th!”

Once we had my date of birth sufficiently worked out, she proceeded to find out what giftis I wanted for my new birthday. (On second thought, having multiple birthdays in a year could be pretty nice!)

A: “Would you like some horses?  For your birthday?  We have blue, pink, red, orange, blue, green, red, and PINK.”

B: “Let’s see… what about purple? Do you have purple horses?”

A: (said in tone of disgust) “Noooo, Brittany! Horses don’t come in purple!” 

I just love how Alyssa is totally confident in her opinions.  And why not?  If we want to throw in an extra birthday during the year, we should!  It makes life more fun.  :)

And just in case you ever wondered, you now know that horses come in blue, red, orange, green, and pink… but NEVER purple!