Olympic quotePicture taken at the Olympic Training Center.

Well, the Olympics are over. We accidentally looked at the final medal count before we watched the final evening and the closing ceremony. Ah, well… the USA wasn’t too badly off, coming in second with the overall medal count. And there is a bit of poetic justice in Russia taking the lead in medals during the first Olympics to be held in their country since the last one was boycotted in 1980.

Anyway! With the Olympics wrapping up, I am finally finding a bit of time to share this quote. You have probably seen it… Google featured it on their page during the first days of the Olympics.

“The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.” –Olympic Charter

A spirit of friendship, solidarity, and fair play.

I like that.

It reminds me of the sports Alyssa has done. For example, last fall she participated in a Tryathlon. Yes, spelled T-R-Y. Where the focus was on “completion,Tryathlon not competition.” She and her classmates had the most wonderful time “training” together for 8 or 10 weeks before having a chance to put their adaptive biking, walking, and “swimming” (ie, walking through waist-deep water) all together.

That’s friendship.

It reminds me of the first season Alyssa went skiing… and how we weren’t sure she would ever be able to stand upright on her own. Yet over and over and over again, her instructors (or my mom or my brother or myself) would support her with a harness, our skis, or our whole selves… often taking a tumble together in the process!

That’s solidarity.1-A Skiing

It reminds me of the days she would come home from school, so excited because “her boys” helped her lift weights in PE. In her school, it was more about caring for and helping others than just getting things done.

That’s fair play.

I know that sometimes, life is rough. Sometimes, people don’t understand. But then there are times when people stand up for each other and bring the spirit of the Olympics to everyday life.

And that is a beautiful thing.

What is the best display of friendship, solidarity, and fair play you have seen demonstrated towards those with disabilities?