Growing up with a special needs sibling gives me a perspective that some may not have… but perspective that I am so grateful for.  I realize that others don’t have the same lens with which I view the world.  Because of my special needs sibling, I experience life a little differently than others.

At the grocery store, a friend might joke that the bagger ‘seemed a little off.’  I point out that he has autism.

The group of people at Wendy’s talk about ‘how funny’ it is that the young man is dancing to the music while he cleans.  I love his excitement for life and am thankful that special needs individuals are given opportunity to work.

Some passers-by make snide comments about how a mom should keep better control of her child in a store.  I shake my head and wonder if I should tell them that her child is dealing with far more than just a bad attitude.

They’re just little things… but growing up with my sister allows me to look at people with special needs and realize there is more than meets the eye.  To look beyond the face value and think about what might be going on under the surface.

To realize that a person’s worth is never determined at face value.

Growing up special may not always easy, but it is well worth it if I am able to see a person’s soul instead of just their face.