We live out in the country. There is much that we love about it… our five acres of land, the amazing view of Pike’s Peak from nearly every window, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.  The one big thing we do not like is the non-electronic gate we have to open every time we leave the house. In the grand scheme of things, though, it really is not a problem.


Picture snapped from our back door.

The other day, as we were heading out, Alyssa decided it was her turn to open the gate. However, she noticed a door to one of our outbuildings was also open, so she decided to delegate.  (Delegating, by the way, is a bit of a new development for her, but one that is fun to watch!)  So she promptly sent me to get the door while she handled the gate.

As I walked over, I decided to compliment her and hollered over my shoulder “Good delegating, Alyssa!”

Not understanding the word ‘delegating,’ she (of course!) had her own twist on what I said.

“Brittany, I am NOT yelling. I just need you to focus. Focus! FOCUS!”

 This said as she jabs two fingers in my direction. I ended up laughing so hard I could scarcely do the job she had given me.

Love watching her grow in new ways!