We live in the country. This is a wonderful thing.

A not so wonderful side effect of living in the country is having a gate. One that isn’t automatic. This means that someone always has to get out to open the gate when we leave or arrive home. Our standing policy is that whoever gets the privilege of “shotgun” also has the responsibility to open the gate.blue gate

Well, as might be expected, Alyssa often does not want to open the gate when she has “shotgun.”  Consistency and follow-through become rather difficult when she takes five minutes to get out of the car and walk up to the gate. However, we all understand that consistency and follow-through are important, so we generally just settle in and wait.

However, once upon a time, it took longer than usual to convince Alyssa to get out to open the gate. She didn’t want to go. She said it was too cold. She said she didn’t know how (ha!). But then, finding us unmoved, she finally got out and walked up to the gate. She unlocked it and started to open it…

Only to walk through to the other side, close it, and lock it again.

We were perplexed. So mom rolled down the window and hollered to her, wondering why she didn’t open the gate to let us in.

Her response?

“I don’t want to! I’m going to go get Matthew to do it!”

She then proceeded to walk all the way to the house… by herself… in the cold… to tell Matthew to open the gate.

Sometimes, I just don’t understand. 😉

Image credit: “The Blue Gate” by Jose Roberto V Moraes. No, that is not our actual gate. That would be cool, but our gate is not nearly as awesome. Or blue. I’m just too tired to go take a picture of our actual gate. I hope you will forgive me.