Awhile back, we had this brilliant idea. Alyssa loves to watch movies. So we thought, “Why not get her exercising at the same time?” As a result, Alyssa has been working out on the elliptical almost every day for 1-3 hours while watching movies on the iPad.

ExerciseAlyssa, thinking about exercising. 😉

Brilliant, right?

Well, we thought so. At least until a few days ago. Unfortunately, my mom starting having unusual pain and thought it could result from the elliptical. (It is not incredibly ergonomically correct). So when Alyssa started complaining more and more about back and neck pain, we thought that perhaps the elliptical could be the culprit.

So yesterday, when Alyssa asked if she could get on the elliptical and watch a movie, I changed tactics. Instead of the elliptical, I recommended that she go out for a walk or to play with her horses (we have two miniatures). She wanted me to go with her, but I was trying to catch up on some work emails. Knowing how long it can take her just to get ready, I told her to go get dressed and then let me know and I would go with her.

A few minutes later, we all looked up, looked around, and couldn’t find Alyssa! Someone had seen her walking towards our gate with her horse, Cookie, in tow.

HorsesCookie is the white and black horse.

I was surprised she had left without bothering me at least 10 more times, but we figured she couldn’t have gone far in 10 minutes or so.

Well, we were wrong.

20 minutes later, a long walk, AND a car ride, we found she had made it half-way around the mile-long “block” we have here in the country… with Cookie tagging along the entire time!

I guess that is one way for her to get her exercise!