When Alyssa had her wisdom teeth out, I fully expected there to be plenty of material for Funny Fridays. However, since I certainly wouldn’t want someone sharing all of the silly things I did while drugged up, I wasn’t planning to use them. But Alyssa, as is common with her, defied all logic and was not the LEAST bit loopy from her high pain meds. I protest. When I had my wisdom teeth out, it was quite a traumatic experience.

Anyway, the day Alyssa had her wisdom teeth out was still quite funny–apart from the drugs.

For example…

She was taking a bath and wanted a bubble bath. Well, we didn’t have time for that, since she had to get to the doctor. Her response? “Awww, MAN. I love bubble baths!”

Then, as she was getting ready, I was explaining (one more time) what was going to happen. I told her the medicines would probably make her feel weird, but that it would be okay, because it makes everyone feel weird. “What? Brittany! [Guest staying at our house] is not weird! She is nice.”

After she was ready, she spent quite a bit of time watching our horses in the snow outside. One of them was so excited about the snow, she escaped the paddock and was roaming the yard. The other one was hidden inside their enclosure, preferring to stay warm. Alyssa, however, was quite convinced that her horse should be outside roaming the yard instead. She kept cheering her on from inside the house. “You can do it, Cookie! Come on… come onnnnn!!! Oh man. She went back inside.”


The most hilarious part of the morning, though was when I thought I heard her saying “Oh, Cookie is naked!”

Not at all sure how a horse could be naked, I was a bit taken aback. But she repeated herself and I think I heard her right the second time…

“Cookie made it!”

I was relieved to know that the horse had made it safely out of her enclosure… fully clothed. 😉