The entire family has been on the lookout for funny stories lately. Tiffany (age 14) wrote this one up for us. 

Alyssa has a very odd way of insulting different members of her family. If Matthew does something that she doesn’t like him doing, then she’ll yell at him. “Matthew, you are a beef jerky!”

To Brittany, it’s “Brittany, you are a crock pot.” For awhile, if I did something that she didn’t like, she would yell at me. “Tiffany, you are a stop sign and a bubble gum!”

The other day she had a very odd new insult for Matthew. We don’t remember the context… I guess the insult took all of our attention.

“Matthew, you have fat little legs and shrimp sauce all over your head!”

IMG_1878Matthew’s response to the insult. 😉

At least we don’t have to worry about her lacking in creativity.  😉