Gathering, socks, shoes (that match!), snacks, cell phones, and children (we DO have all of them, right?) and loading everyone into the car… then, it’s inevitable. Someone will need to go to the bathroom. Any family outing can be a bit of a hassle. And, that’s just getting out the door.


That’s just shopping… then, there’s shopping with special needs in the mix.

Outings with a special needs sibling is an experience like none other. They’ll insist upon sitting on the bench with you, rather than shopping. Of course, running off to watch the security camera feed on the in store TV is an option and, crying when the in-store DVD loop doesn’t play their favorite scene in Toy Story, is just part of life. And, that’s on a good day- one without an in-store tantrum!

The process can be grueling, and I’m amazed any special family leaves the store with anything on their shopping list!

The challenges are compounded-especially when mobility issues are in the mix. I have pushed shopping carts into more than my fair share of unsuspecting ankles and displays- without trying to negotiate mobility equipment! The challenge of driving a cart and wheelchair is more than intimidating- it terrifies me to the core!

Finding shopping a challenge with her mobility challenged daughter, Drew Anne Long, found a solution. Founding Parent Solution Group LLC, Drew Anne invented Caroline’s Cart, a shopping cart designed to provide a safe, comfortable mobility option for special siblings with mobility issues. The cart boasts a large seat in which older children can ride eliminating the need for a wheelchair while in the store. With ample cart space, shopping is a breeze! The cart can be easily pushed, holds groceries, and boasts a forward-facing seat to allow for easy eye contact between the caregiver and child!

Designed by a mom of a special sibling, the cart is well planned and provides optimal comfort and ease of shopping for the child and caregiver.

While Caroline’s Carts are just launching in stores across the US, keep an eye out for a location near you! In the meantime, spread the word about Caroline’s Cart and help make shopping a pleasant experience for special needs families!

In the meantime, be sure to visit Caroline’s Cart on Facebook and join the conversation!

What is your secret to surviving shopping trips?