I thought with the start of the Olympics today (or was it last night… ? I’m really confused about that whole setup), I would share a picture of Alyssa skiing!

1-A Skiing

We have had the privilege of working with awesome instructors at the National Sports Center for the Disabled and she has been able to do what we would have thought was impossible–actually stand upright and keep her balance on two narrow sticks while moving down a hill at higher-than-normal speeds.  It’s pretty impressive, if I do say so myself.

And even though this picture is a couple of years old, it’s a fun one because it was one of the first times she went down mostly on her own. Exciting stuff!  I have more thoughts on the “Olympic Spirit,” Special Olympics, and the nifty quote Google is currently featuring on their home page, but I’ll have to write more about that later. :)


What sports or activities has the special needs person in your life been involved in? If none, where do you think they could start?


“Olympic Rings” by Wikipedia used under a Creative Commons Attribution License.