Olympic Training CenterImage: Me with sister and friend at the Olympic Training Center

We really enjoyed watching the Olympics while they were going on.  In fact, we may have enjoyed it a little too much–after the first week, we all felt brain-dead from too much TV.  😉

It was especially fun to watch with Alyssa, though. For example, when figure skater Ashley Wagner (US) skated, she got super excited. The reason? Ashley also happens to be the name of her best friend.

Or we could talk about the different countries and Alyssa would try to repeat them. Italy was especially troublesome… she kept assigning it a ladies name.

Me: “That’s Italy, Alyssa!”

A: “Natalie?”

Me: “No, Italy.”

A: “Emilie?”

Me: “No… I. ta. ly. Say it after me.”

A: “Ohhhh. Italy!”

Fun times. :)

What was your favorite Olympic event?