If you have ever walked into Alyssa’s room (which she shares with our younger sister), you would probably try to not ever do that again.  😉

Last week, as the other kids started school, Alyssa and I (with the assistance of my mom and the master schedule) decided we’re going to spend some time hanging out together while everyone else is busy with activities. And one of the main things we’ll be doing is organizing Alyssa’s living spaces in ways that work for her.

I’m looking forward to chronicling our progress here and maybe giving some of you ideas on how to create workable living spaces for special needs kids.

(I should note that Alyssa is very high functioning in that she is capable of moving around and picking up her belongings.  She just needs very specific directions and someone to guide her through the process step by step. As a result, these tips will probably only apply to someone who is similarly high functioning).

So without further adieu… here is Project One!

Scary, isn’t it?

The characters of this drama include…

The Messy Room Culprit…

The Organizer…

And the Assistant Organizer/Culprit. ;)

Our plan (at least at this point) is to:

1. Pick up the mess that’s already there. (Priority One!)
2. Identify the organizational tools necessary to make it easy for Alyssa to keep up with her room on her own.
3. Purchase tools and organize the room.
4. Help Alyssa keep up with her new space!

I’ll plan to keep you updated every week on our progress!  :)