Good morning, world!

Well, this is what we woke up to this morning here in Colorado.


Rather surprising, especially given that we have had mostly nice weather for the last week or so.

Today, we were all up early.

Including the guests who arrived unexpectedly Monday night needing a place to stay while they work on medical issues with their son.

The reason? Well, Alyssa is now on her way to oral surgery to have her wisdom teeth removed. I am fairly certain she has almost no idea what this means, especially given the way she clapped her hands excitedly and nearly squeezed me to death with a hug this morning!

We have certainly tried to prepare her about all number of things… “cotton balls” in her mouth, medications that might make her feel “weird,” numbness in her mouth… but I guess we don’t actually know how this will all go down until she is recovering.

Anyway, I have all sorts of funny stories about her antics this morning–kind of scared to think about how goofy she’ll be on all those drugs. But due to a busy schedule today and tomorrow being Funny Friday, I think I will wait and share them then. :)

A Wisdom TeethAlyssa and mom all ready to head to oral surgery!