Alyssa received some gifts in the mail the other day.  In fact, we all received gifts. From my grandparents. For St. Patrick’s Day.

You see, my grandparents are the type of grandparents who send gifts for every holiday you never thought to send gifts for. Such as St. Patrick’s Day. Easter. Memorial Day. Labor Day. You know. The usual.

The gifts are always fun, but I think Alyssa enjoys them most. Someday, I will have to share a video of her overjoyed exclamations at gift-receiving.

Perhaps the most exciting gift, however, was this fantastic set of Jumbo Triangular Crayons from Melissa and Doug.


I was actually just reading about Melissa and Doug toys the other day on another special needs blog… specifically about how they have a special needs catalog and more specifically about these crayons!

So I was probably the most excited person in the house when I saw these crayons.

Three things I have been quite impressed with so far…

  1. They haven’t broken.
  2. They are still intact.
  3. There are no little pieces lying around the house.

Oh, those are all the same reasons, you say? I apologize. You see, it is just that normally, Alyssa using crayons looks something more like this.

CrayonsThe breaking of these crayons took all of 2 minutes.

So, you might see why this is a big deal.

Also, the crayons have thus far actually made it back into their container every time! Furthermore, she has not yet used them all up after one coloring session.

The benefits go on and on.

Anyway, I do believe these crayons will become a new staple around our home, so I thought that I would share. Also, I am one of the few bloggers in the world who is not currently being compensated for my reviews. ; )

If you have used Melissa and Doug before, I’m curious–what are your favorite resources? What other toys or resources does your special sibling use that might be better if adapted?