If you’ve ever been in the general vicinity when someone uses the word ‘retarded’ jokingly or flippantly–to describe somebody’s dumb mistake, indicate that another person was acting strangely, etc–you’ll know that I have pretty strong feelings on the matter.

The way I see it, by using that word, you are comparing something derogatory to a person with intellectual disabilities.  And that is never acceptable.

That’s probably why I was so quick to start spreading the word about the “Erase the R-Word Campaign.” Turns out I’m not the only one who gets a little bit fired up.

Watch the Not Acceptable PSA  on their site. 

It is probably the most powerful thing I have seen explaining your use of the “R” word.  Take a look.  It’s hard, but true.  And perhaps if you use the R-Word, you will be encouraged to stop.  You may not mean anything by it, but to many of us, you are putting down our family, our friends, and ourselves.

Erase the R-Word from your vocabulary.  I (and others like me) will have a greater respect for you if you do.