You may have seen or heard the saying… “Sisters make the best friends.”  It seems to be generally accepted that there is nothing better than having a built-in best friend; someone who will lend a listening ear and fill yours with crazy stories; someone you can with stay up late with or who shares your random adventures; someone who knows you inside and out—better than you know yourself.


Sometimes I wish I knew exactly what that was like.

My sister is amazing and hilarious and crazy and weird and random and fun.  She is awesome and she IS a friend.  But when your sister is special, it’s not quite the same.


Sometimes I just wish for normal.  To be able to bake cookies together.  Travel the world (or at least a couple states) with her.  Go see a fun movie together.  Have late night talks.  Go hang out with friends.


Maybe you can relate.


But my life’s not normal.  And you know what?  The more I think about it, the more it doesn’t matter.  We can still bake cookies if we wanted too.  Sure, it’s more like managing a tornado than anything else, but we laugh and I learn patience.  I might not have chosen to see “Piglet’s Big Movie” in the theaters, but hey! It’s still sister time.  And late night talks do happen.  They just might center on every single thing she did that day or the movie she’s going to get at the library instead of boys and fashion.   And one of these days, we are going to take a trip together (something not medical related).  We’ll have a blast and she’ll teach me to wonder at the small things of life.


Do I sometimes wish for normal?  Absolutely.  But if I had it, I don’t think I’d appreciate it nearly as much as the beautiful, crazy, abnormal life that I have now.


And now that I think about… sometimes we even DO talk about boys.  :)