I have so many ideas for this blog, but not enough time to make them all happen!  I’d love to have book reviews, resource recommendations, stories and encouragement, guest posts, “Memory Mondays,” and so much more.  I’m realizing these things may be a bit slower at coming than I would have liked.  But I’m excited, because blogging means I have all the time in the world to do those things.  :)

I do want to mention something more ‘educational’ today, as that is one of my goals with this blog and I have not yet done anything about it.  When I first had the idea of this blog, I started looking for and reading books about what it means to ‘grow up special.’


And I was amazed.


Do you know how many amazing books, websites, groups, and other resources are available to support siblings who live with special needs in their home?  I sure didn’t!  I think it may be a very well-kept secret in the special needs community.  Or perhaps just a secret well-kept from me.


Anyway, one of the resources I stumbled about is the Sibling Support Project.  They seem to have everything, from essays to workshops to books to local groups to trainings to online forums, and so much more.  I’m eager to find out more and share what I learn with you!


So I have to ask. Am I the only one who didn’t know about these great resources?  If so, what is your favorite sibling support resource?


Disclaimer: my posting about various resources does not in any way mean I wholeheartedly endorse everything you will find there. :)