We love our siblings. We really do. Sometimes, it’s just extra hard work to remember that. Tiffany (age 14) had a rough day a few days back. And so she wrote about her frustrations. I am posting it here, as written in the heat of the moment–because those moments are real and raw and it’s okay when you’re not okay.

Broken heart

“Sometimes your siblings can make you so mad.  Including your special needs siblings. They can be fun… but a lot of the time, they can drive you nuts.

Everything you tell them seems to go in one ear and out the other.

I have told Alyssa countless times, do not touch the stuff in my special drawer and do not touch the stuff on my walls. And countless times she has gotten into my drawer, taken my movies, my private notebooks, taken my personal belongings, and taken my favorite necklaces and broken them.  And she has taken my stuff off my walls and destroyed them.

Last weekend, my mom took me, Alyssa, and Alyssa’s best friend Ashley to a horse show. It was an awesome show. They had tons of booths that you could walk through and get all the information on horses that you wanted. While we were there, I got four new horses posters. One of them was a painting of an Arabian horse. One of my favorite horses. It was by far my favorite poster. Once I got home, I put them all on my wall in an awesome collage. Only to wake up this morning to find that it was gone off my wall. After searching for about an hour I finally found it. Cut to shreds on our project room floor. UGGGHHH.

Like I said. In one ear, out the other. (sighs)

It wasn’t even the fact that she cut up the poster. It’s the fact that she does this constantly. She has taken my pearl bracelet and broken it up. She has taken my moms’ pearl necklace and cut it up. She has given away my favorite movies and necklaces. Most of the time she doesn’t replace anything that she has broken.  And she doesn’t clean up her side of the room, so I constantly have to clean up her mess as well as mine.

It is extremely frustrating. I’m still trying to work through it right now. Maybe I’ll be over it by next week.”

What are your most frustrating moments with your sibling?


Tiffany is 14 years old and sister to Alyssa (who has epilepsy and autism). She loves working with horses and dreams of going to vet school and someday having posters on her walls that stay on her walls.