Alyssa, Tiffany, and I just flew back to Colorado after nearly a week visiting my grandparents in Nebraska.  While there were many adventures in traveling (may I just say everything takes about 3x longer with a special sister?), by far the best was when Alyssa decided to pack a container of ice cream to bring along.

“But I need to give my Mommy some ice cream!”

It took some doing to convince her that the ice cream would melt all over her and the suitcase long before we could give it to Mommy.  I’m not sure she really believed us, but she did accept a bribe of a few dollars “so you can buy Mommy ice cream when we get there.”

Of course, her insistence that we stop at McDonald’s for ice cream on the way home was quickly followed by her refusal to part with the money once we were there.  Someone knows how to work the system!