This series of posts on “Ten Things” is based on the article “Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew.”

Point 4: I am a concrete thinker. This means I interpret language very literally.


Any of you who have been around special needs people very long at all know how true this is.  I remember some of my conversations with Alyssa…

“I’m going to die!”  (Said for dramatic effect).
“Die?  You are not going to die, Brittany.”

“Dora exploded.”  (As opposed to ‘Dora the Explorer’).

“Brittany, are you in San Antonio?”
“Well, that’s where I live, but right now, I’m in Kansas.”
*long pause*
“No, you live in San Antonio!”
“Yes… but today, I’m visiting Kansas!”
*another long pause*
“San Antonio?”

And there are many more…  :)

This could also explain why certain activities must always follow a similar pattern.  If you go the library, you cannot just drop off books… you must check something out!  If you go to the grocery store, you have to buy gum.  If you drive past the ski resort, you must be going to the ski resort.

It has helped me to understand that why being literal in speech and action is so important for those with special needs.