This series of posts on “Ten Things” is based on the article “Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew.”


Point 5: Please be patient with my limited vocabulary.

Sometimes, talking to Alyssa can be hard.  Thankfully, it’s gotten easier in recent years.  In fact, she’s really blossomed.  Just the other night, she told me…

“Brittany! Eustace [a friend from school] took my pictures for my senior graduating class because I am a SENIOR!”


Just getting past 3-4 word sentences is a huge milestone only accomplished in the last couple years.  Add that to the fact that she not only learned new words (senior and graduating) but also used them properly in a sentence,  I was amazed and SO proud of my sister.  :)  But those of you with special siblings know that sentences like that come only after years of hard fought battles… and for some, may never come at all.


Which is why this part also made so much sense to me…


“I may sound like a “little professor” or movie star, rattling off words or whole scripts well beyond my developmental age. These are messages I have memorized from the world around me to compensate for my language deficits because I know I am expected to respond when spoken to.”


Maybe this is why Alyssa can quote whole movies, word for word.  It’s hilarious (and sometimes slightly annoying) to watch TV with her.  :)


Can anyone else relate?  What are your special siblings (or other relation) language limitations?