I will get through all ten eventually… I promise!

This series of posts on “Ten Things” is based on the article “Ten Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew.”

Please help me with social interactions.

It’s hard to estimate the life-changing power of kindness and the immense force of rejection. Perhaps better than anyone, special needs families know the strength of just caring.

It hurts to see a little girl who simply wants to be included shut out from the group from those who don’t care enough to make an effort. It makes one ache to see little boys and girls (who truly don’t know better) teasing an older special needs boy… thinking they’re just having fun.

On the other hand, it is pure bliss to see someone who cares enough to try. It doesn’t have to be perfect or easy or even fun. All it takes is try.

So next time you see someone with special needs… don’t ignore them. Don’t try to avoid making eye contact. Don’t patronize them. Look them in the eye and treat them for who they are: a beautiful reflection of God. And know that your simple act could mean the world.