Since writing about tantrums a couple weeks back, we have discovered yet another reason special needs kids have tantrums.

Reason #4 for special need tantrums: they need their wisdom teeth out.

Yes, that’s right folks.  Alyssa needs to have her wisdom teeth out.  As a result, she has recently been complaining of headaches… and to understand what that means, you must know that Alyssa’s pain threshold is incredibly high. For her to complain about any pain means it’s really, really bad. So when she’s asking for ibuprofen… well, it’s not good. And that, of course, makes her grumpy.  Just last night, we had no less than three tantrums in three hours. Which, I suppose, is better than one three-hour long tantrum–at least we had some breaks in between!

Since her last dentist visit several weeks ago, we have been trying to get an appointment scheduled for her to get her wisdom teeth out.  What has been a fairly routine exercise for half the family, however, is turning into quite the ordeal with Alyssa.  Let me give you just a glimpse of what this looks like.

  • The dentist calls her neurologists to better understand her condition, meds, etc.  For some reason, it takes two weeks just to pick up the phone. 

  • Then the neurologists have to send paperwork documenting her condition, meds, etc. Another 1-2 weeks.

  • After receiving the paperwork, the dentist decides Alyssa should have the procedure done at an outpatient clinic, not the dentist office.

  • We discover that since Alyssa’s neurologist and primary care physician are in Denver, they can’t admit her to a hospital in Colorado Springs.  Since the dentist is in Colorado Springs, the hospitals in Denver won’t let him do the procedure there.

  • So we schedule an appointment with a PCP in Colorado Springs who can admit her to a local hospital.  

  • The PCP, instead of referring to a hospital, refers her to another neurologist.

  • The new neurologist calls to schedule an appointment–in JULY.  

A field… because some things should be simple. ; )

Seriously?!  Who knew it was this hard just to get wisdom teeth out? And we’re not even considering the recovery process yet.  We considered going back to our home town in Kansas, where both the neurologist and the dentist have known Alyssa for 13 years.  But a 9-hour drive for wisdom teeth?  Hmm. Not likely.  We’re still not quite sure what the solution is going to be.

As I’m sure you special need siblings (and families) know, things that might be easy or normal for many families is anything but for a special needs family.

What are the not-so-simple things in your family?