I was watching another episode of the TV show that depicts a young boy with Asberger’s.   Max decides he wants to go trick-or-treating on Halloween.  What is fairly normal for most 10/11 year old kids becomes a huge ordeal as his parents ask all the neighbors to replace the jack-o-lantern candles with glow sticks so as not to frighten Max, make a list of ‘safe’ houses, and carefully prepare a Halloween that he can enjoy.

Now, we haven’t celebrated Halloween at our house in a very long time and even if we did, I doubt Alyssa would have a problem.  But I kind of know how that is.

There are many simplest things…  that turn out to be not-so-simple. For us, it’s things like…

Going to the library.

Driving by a Redbox.

Stopping at the post office.

Grocery shopping.

The simplest things have to be prepped for, talked about, worked up to, carefully navigated, and then there’s still a chance that everything could go south in a minute and you end up with a full-blown tantrum or meltdown on your hands.

Now that I’m out on my own, it’s actually quite remarkable to drop by the library or the store anytime without having to take that all into account.

What are the simple things for you?  What is it in your family that should be easy, but isn’t?  Or if you don’t have a special needs someone in your life… what is it that is so simple, you can’t imagine it becoming a chore?